Sunday, August 26, 2012

Very Green Salad

I've recently had a request for different ideas on how to make salad "interesting" and not hard to eat everyday for lunch.  So my next few post will probably be pictures and descriptions of the salads I have for lunch this week. :) I don't have amounts of each item listed.  I figure it's a vegetable and you can eat as much as you want to :)  I use a lot of spinach and kale, because I buy it all bagged, the pre-washed stuff.  Saves a little time, since making a salad can take a bit with so much chopping!  But believe me, you do get faster!

Broccoli, chopped
Green Pepper, chopped
Sunflower seeds
Salmon,  2-3 oz (I just used the canned in water stuff)
Homemade Italian Dressing was fantastic on this!

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