Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Total Fruit Smoothie

This is a favorite in the Mealey household.  Mostly the boys and I love it, but Christian will have it once in a while as well.  The fun thing about smoothies is you don't need exact measurements.  You throw it all in, blend it up and YUM!  For this particular one we use a bunch of the mixed fruit bag, probably about 2 C, a good handful of blueberries, maybe 1/4-1/2 C, a half a banana, and enough 100% pineapple juice, or apple juice to make it blend.  

 This is enough for me and boys to share.  Or me and Christian to share to give you an idea of how much it makes!

(We have totally added spinach to this one as well.  Just wouldn't be TOTAL FRUIT I guess.  Maybe I better come up with better names for my stuff! :)  Pretty much, you can add spinach to anything and it won't change the flavor, just makes it better for you!)


  1. hey - you didn't include spinach in this one!

  2. My favorite juice to add is grape juice.

  3. mel you need to come up with some easy smoothie that has veggies in it that are usually in the house