Saturday, May 19, 2012

Carrot Crust Pizza

My mother in law sent me this recipe idea!  So glad we tried it!

        12 carrots, peeled and ends cut off
        eggs (3-5) 1egg for every cup of blended carrots used
        Optional flavor- sprinkle in some Italian seasoning and garlic powder
        Tomato sauce
         Mozzarella cheese       
        Just like any pizza you could put on whatever you want to.  Pictured is chicken, red peppers and spinach.  We also put just pepperoni and cheese on the other half for the boys.
Put your carrots in a food processor or blender.  Strain carrots through a cheese cloth.  For every cup or "pulp" you add 1 egg.  Mine made 5 cups, but I don't have a very fancy blender.  Maybe it wasn't as juicy as it was supposed to be because the recipe I was sent said that she thought a large pizza stone would only need 3-4 eggs.  Still seemed to work great though.  Obviously the size of carrots would make a difference.  I may not need to do as many carrots next time.
Butter your pizza stone.  Plop carrot pulp onto stone and spread to the edge.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 min.
While that's cooking chop up and cook your toppings.
When the crust is done, take it out and spread on your pizza sauce, cheese and toppings (And maybe a little more cheese :)
Back in the oven for another 5 or so minutes to melt all the cheese.

Seriously yummy, healthy and very filling!
This could easily be made into a no meat meal.  Just add more veggies!
This was our latest carrot pizza! best one yet!  We used leftover chicken from Chicken Parmasean, and I used a little less carrots in the crust too.  Spread it more thin!  YUM!!

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