Tuesday, February 5, 2013


YIKES!  It's been a while since I put a new recipe up.  I've been updating the "look" of the blog, trying to make it more user friendly since it seems to be more than just a place for me to keep our favrotie recipes organized now.  Thank you for all the requests!  There is now a search tool.  If you know exactly what it was you had before and want to find it again quickly, instead of browsing by category, you can now type that exact dish in!
Also, I've had several requests to have more pictures.  So I'm working on taking pictures of the ones which are not already photographed.  On that, not ALL food looks good photographed! :) Although it may taste amazing!  Because of this, some dishes will NEVER have a picture with them! :)  But if you do have a request, please let me know.  Happy Cooking!

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