Friday, December 9, 2011

Quiche Update

So last night we had Quiche.  One of my kids favorites!  But the store didn't have the ham we are used to getting (that doesn't have any sugar in it) so I decided to make a veggie quiche.  It was a HIT!  I think we may make it this way from now on! :)
So we followed most of my recipe , but instead of the ham we substituted asparagus, red pepper and mushrooms.

Ingredients added:
6 asparagus spears snapped into bite size pieces
4 mushrooms diced
1/2 a red pepper diced
1 TBLS butter

I just melted the butter in a pan and sauted the 3 veggies together, until the asparagus was crisp-tender.  Then dumped it all over the chopped spinach.  Finished the rest of the recipe as is! YUM!

Usually with Quiche we have a few sides.  In the top bowl is chopped up peaches, bananas and frozen blueberries.  As they thaw, they also cool the other fruits.  YUM!
Then the veggie quiche, and below that is a simple strawberry, avocado, and walnut salad.

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